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Entry #1

What do you watch?

2008-01-22 01:32:19 by Moogleking

People in general come to Newgrounds to be entertained. The question I ask is what entertains you?
I myself like good comedy/action, games, and serious/deep flash.
What about you?


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2008-01-22 01:37:18

I like random things and that being said anything scary, funny, musical, serious, actiony things that are random and mostly flash that has good quality with a story line.

Moogleking responds:

hm thats a good list.


2008-01-22 01:45:20

I love the intenet video games, books animals

Moogleking responds:



2008-01-22 02:36:12

I love the funny stuff, and random done right.

Moogleking responds:

Hmm but sometimes theeir concepts are hard to follow expicially the really random ones.